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Navy Surplus Ships

While many people think of battleships, destroyers and aircraft carriers when they think of Navy ships, the Navy uses a number of smaller vessels to complete more ordinary tasks. When these ships are decommissioned, the government can choose to either scrap the vessel, which is potentially costly for the scrapping agency, or they can sell or auction the vessel as Navy surplus. Accordingly, ship buyers can find excellent deals on decommissioned Navy vessels at Navy surplus stores for sale or up for auction.

Where to buy Navy surplus ships

Since the Navy has its own process for decommissioning its vessels, the stock of ships at any particular Navy surplus store is inconsistent. Ship buyers are advised to find as many locations as possible in order to make connections at their local and regional Navy surplus stores so they can find the best leads on Navy surplus ships when they arise.

How to buy Navy surplus ships

Often, Navy surplus ships are put up for auction instead of sold outright. Accordingly, those interested in purchasing a Navy surplus ship should familiarize themselves with the seller's auction process, because Navy surplus may have certain government restrictions on its auction process. The best way to learn about any seller specific policies or government restrictions is to contact the seller or selling organization in advance of the auction or sale.

Navy surplus ships are an excellent opportunity for ship buyers to find amazing deals on functional vessels. By gaining familiarity with various seller's processes and any restrictions on the sale of these vessels, buyers stand to maximize their potential.