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Navy Surplus Stores in Florida

There are many Navy surplus stores in Florida that offer a variety of items for those serving in the Navy. Smart shoppers who buy at a surplus outlet can get these items at a fraction of their normal cost.

Miami area surplus stores

In Miami, the main surplus stores are Variety Army Surplus on Northwest 36th Street in Miami Springs, Flagler Army Navy store on West Flagler Street in Miami proper and the Army Navy Surplus Variety Store on 36th Street in Miami. Variety All of these stores carry extensive lines of clothes for Navy personnel, such as jackets, trousers and flight suits, as well as all sorts of accessories and equipment.

Tampa area surplus stores

In Tampa, you can find what you are looking for at Headquarters Military Surplus, which has two locations in Tampa and Brandon. In addition to military clothing, it offers camouflage clothes, camping supplies, police equipment, party costumes, guns and hunting equipment, tools and an extensive selection of paintball gear.

Tallahassee area surplus stores

In Tallahassee, Army Surplus Store is located on North Monroe Street, offering a wide selection of equipment and clothes for servicemen and women as well as guns, toys, shoes and novelty gifts.

Orlando area surplus stores

Orlando has several surplus stores, such as American Army Navy, Al’s Army Navy, BPB Surplus, Alpha Army & Navy World, Gear Up Surplus, Inc., US Surplus Sales and Fox Hole Army Navy, each of which carries a variety of different items for Navy servicemen and women.

The state of Florida offers many options for Navy surplus supplies and clothing, with a wide range of items from which to choose. Look around to find the best deals and selections.